“I chose to work with Lamey Law Firm as a result of a recommendation, and I would highly recommend working with them to anyone I know. I was treated with nothing but respect by their very professional staff. I always received personal and timely information, which guided me through what otherwise would have been a difficult and confusing legal process. Thank you to Elaine and the rest of the Lamey Law Firm staff for representing me well.”
C.S, Oakdale
“John Lamey guided me through the unknown process of Bankruptcy with efficiency and compassion. His staff handles your concerns with discretion. I would refer anyone to this office with confidence.”
J.M., St. Paul
“Attorney John Lamey went above and beyond my expectations of filing for bankruptcy. He helped me through more detailed issues such as the short sale of a home and filing a quit claim deed. My case was given incredible knowledge, follow through, and confidence by my attorney. In turn, this eased the stress of this difficult time knowing I had a very competent attorney to guide me through the process.”
L.W., Coon Rapids
“Elaine has changed my life for the better and given me a new start, for which I am grateful for–Each day still brings new challenges and obstacles in my life, but knowing Lamey Law Firm are there to answer my questions, emails, and problems that come up, is very re-assuring and gives me new hope for the future–Thanks to all of them!”
R.W., Cottage Grove
“Like so many that have been affected by the economy and job loss, I was laid off after nearly 30 years with the same company and our family has been through the humbling experience of bankruptcy. I went from a 6 figure income to unemployment and no signs of getting a job. Of course we wanted bankruptcy to be a last resort, so we tried a debt resolution service first and that only made things worse. We even tried to work with creditors on our own and in the end they were not willing to work with us. Instead, they just turned everything over to collection agencies. Eventually, the stress of it all got to be too much, so we called on Lamey Law Firm to stop the harassing calls and letters and assist in filing for bankruptcy. We are thankful that we had Lamey Law Firm represent us since we also ended up being in the 1% of the clients that were audited. With the guidance of Lamey Law firm, we passed with no issues. It was a major relief and it allowed us to keep our home, cars and personal belongings. Thanks to the combination of bankruptcy, unemployment, restructuring our home mortgage to a lower interest rate and the Federal Government program providing discounts on medical coverage through Cobra, the future is very bright. Since finalizing the bankruptcy, we have received a number of offers and options to rebuild our credit. We are starting with a small limit credit card so that we can manage the balance and payments. There are signs that I should be able to start working again over the next couple of months. We are excited about our fresh new start.”
J.J., Cottage Grove
“I am a professional business owner that never thought I’d find myself in a situation of filing for bankruptcy. I have always had excellent credit and due to the volatility in the economy, my business revenues went down more than 75%. After a year of trying to recover, my family and I finally made the decision to start over. I cannot tell you how nice it was working with John Lamey, keeping me informed along the way, never giving me any “surprises,” and treating me with respect and dignity throughout the process. I would recommend him a hundred times over.”
G.L., Stillwater